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Welcome to our site containing genealogies, personal histories, and stories of the modern Leighs who descended from earlier Leigh families and their spouses in Wales. The whole Leigh family tree is spread over two sites, this site and the site that describes the earlier Leigh families. The various branches of the tree are linked between the two sites. In the past, the earlier site was based on research in genealogical documents, but we recently started doing research via the DNA of living descendants of our Leigh ancestors.

We separated this section on Modern Leighs from our historical research on the earliest Leighs in Wales for several reasons. In the Early section we had to use only written documents in their historical context. For the Modern section many of the stories and family group records were submitted by family members and are often based on private records, oral tradition, remembrances, etc. More important than this methodological difference, the Modern Leighs are now numerous and constantly increasing, so they require a large and expandable space.

Besides pedigrees and descent charts, we also give life histories, memories, obituaries, photographs, maps, and historical texts to provide the context of our ancestors’ lives. All of these materials can be accessed through the Family Tree page by clicking a link to the home page of each Modern Leigh family line. Some of the pedigrees and descent charts are in downloadable format.

To begin your reading of the Leigh family tree, click on the Family Tree link. To send us information on your Leigh families, click on the Contributing Info link.

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